Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Gute Freunde gibt es überall...

Hello all,
Thank you for you kind words, Hans-Juergen.  Joey and I are very happy to help Leonora and her family.   
Yesterday, Joey and I received a very nice message of 'thanks' from Leonora, including some wonderful photographs of her very lovely family and her, which we enjoyed seeing.  We, in turn and as she requested, sent our photograph and also included a photograph of our little granddaughter, Hope.   Joey and I are enjoying the beginnings of friendship with our new friends in Germany and now in Kosovo ... new friendships across the world.
Best regards to all,
Wayne and Joey

Freitag, 11. November 2011

Gemeinsam weiter... Ehrensache!

Lieber Herr Zeis  ! Danke fuer ihre Zeilen.  Kann mir gut vorstellen, was Sie da so alles leisten muessen. Oft uebersteigt die tatsaechlich anfallende Arbeit bei solchen Ehrenaemtern die Vorstellungen bei Weitem. Kann da auch ein Lied davon singen. - An die family Gsell bitte weitergeben : dear family Gsell ! Thanks a lot in advance and in the name of Leonora and her family for your engagement and your efforts. As you probably now I am kind of coordinator for the support of my "Kosovo-daughter" Leonora and her family. The last time it wasand i think also for the near future it is not good to send money directly to Leonora. We collect money for her till she is at least 16 and will be able to decide by her own what she wants to do with it -  a surgery, a university, for marriage....  so we send money only in case of an emergency situation of the whole family for example when they ran out of food. Other kind of support ist that we buy here in germany used things which they need in daily life and send them zo kosovo. As former commander of the medical forces in kosovo i have good and cheap connections to the army logistics. So my proposal is  : you send cheque or money to me or mr. Zeis and and i garantee that it will somehow be helpful.
Dr. Michael Hautmann, Emplstr. 18, 81829 Muenchen. GERMANY. BANK : VOLKSBANK DACHAU NR. of konto. 354996 , BLZ 70091500. Thanks. M.H. (vom Handy getippt)

Wayne and Joey Gsell for Leonora...

Wayne und Mary Jo Gsell - Erste Spender aus USA
Hallo Michael,

I just wanted to let you know that Joey and I will continue to send future donations to you for Leonora, as we are able and I will advise you when we do send money.   If something comes up for Leonora and her family that might require some immediate assistance, please let me know as we will be glad to send something at the time of immediate need.

Best regards to you and your family,
Dear Dr. Hautmann,
Thank you very much for your e-mail reply ... and as today is "Veterans Day" here in the USA, I send my personal "Thank you" to you for your past military service to Germany, NATO, the people of Kosovo, and the larger cause of peace in the world ... Danke!  In particular, thank you much for your very kind and generous efforts to help Leonora and her family overcome their hardships of the past and going into the future.  God bless you and your family.
On your advice and as mentioned within your message, I will obtain an International Bank Draft/Cheque and mail it to you (at your address) this week ... as a donation to "Leonora Project" to be used for Leonora and her family in whatever way that you determine as appropriate.  My wife Joey and I send this donation on the behalf of the surviving veterans, families, and the fallen of Panzer-Regiment 35.  Once again, thank you for your generosity to Leonora and her family ... and Joey and I wish you and your family a joyful upcoming Christmas season.
Best regards,
Wayne Gsell
Hallo Hans-Jurgen,
My wife Joey and I would be pleased to make a donation to the Leonora Project.   If you would kindly provide me with the information and to whom the payment should be made, I will arrange to have an international bank draft/cheque sent to the appropriate mailing address for her.
By the way, I have sent letters and photos to both Fritz Schneider and Otto Eidloth ... they should receive them shortly if they haven't already received them.   If there are other living veterans of Pzr Rgt 35 who might like to receive a letter from me, please let me know ... I like to think of them as my 'uncles' whom I haven't met.
Again, we will remember all gefallen of Pzr Rgt 35 this Sunday, November 13, Remembrance Day.
Best, Wayne and Joey Gsell

Wayne Gsell
3752 SE Franklin St.
Portland, OR 97202
503-236-8539 (Home Ph)
562-756-6784 (Cell Ph)
Dear Doc Hautmann,
Today I have posted through USPS International Registered Mail to your address with an enclosed International Bank Draft/Cheque, in the amount of €50 (Fifty Euro) for "Leonora" as pledged.   USPS advises arrival of letter within 6 - 10 days of today's date.  You may also "Track" the letter's status through the USPS Tracking & Confirmation website:
...and entering this Registered No.:   RE79 8874 225U S
Again, Michael, please accept this donation from Joey and I ... in the name of the surviving veterans, their families, and the fallen of Panzerregiment 35 ... and thank you for "shepherding" this project for Leonora and her family!
Best Wishes,
Wayne and Joey (Mary Jo) Gsell
Dank und Anerkennung an dieser Stelle! Es ist die erste Spende aus U.S.A. und zeigt, dass es für Menschen mit Herz, keine nationalen Grenzen gibt. Über allen Unterschieden auf dieser Erde steht das Mitgefühl, das Verständnis für Not und Leid. Wenn das erkennbar ist, dann erkennen wir den Menschen, dann finden wir Trost und Halt. Anm. Hans-Jürgen Zeis - Beauftragter Pz.Rgt.35