Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

proudly presents:

Hi Silvia, Michael, and Hans-Juergen,

Good news Silvia, as Michael finally received my first letter and international bank draft this morning ... and so my confidence in the USPS and Deutsche Post offices is restored (somewhat)! 

Joey and I wanted to get another second donation to you for Leonora so this afternoon I was able to process a bank wire transfer for $100 USD to your Somerset bank account per your earlier below instructions.   The wired funds should be available via your Somerset bank account by close of business day tomorrow, Tuesday, 6.12.  In future, I will post donations as a personal check to your address in Germany, as you recommend (today's first wire transfer was discounted by my bank but any further wire transfer would be expensive.)

Anyway, all is good now ... and I received a message from Leonora this morning through Facebook and so her network appears to be up an running once again.

Wayne and Joey
Danke Wayne, Danke Joey! Danke Amerika! 
Es sind die Menschen, die Amerika repräsentieren. Amerikanische Werte in die Welt bringen. Egal was in der Welt passiert. Hier zeigt sich, dass Menschen für Menschen Sorge tragen und helfen. Es gibt nur die Hilfe zwischen den Menschen, diese Hilfe hat keine Religion, stellt keine Bedingungen, fragt nicht, - handelt!

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